From the reduction or elimination of the need for landfills to the production of renewable forms of energy from waste, the Thermoselect process offers substantial environmental and economic benefits.


Environmental Benefits

  • 100% of the waste becomes useful recycled products
  • No ash is generated – No ash landfills are required
  • Comprehensive solution – processes all forms of waste
  • Closed loop process – has no process water discharges
  • When using syngas to generate electricity, air emissions are 90% to 95% lower than permitted by the US EPA
  • Does not use incineration technology
  • Can transform the renewable energy in waste into electricity thereby reducing the use of fossil fuels to generate the same amount of electricity while improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  • Can use the synthesis gas generated in the process to manufacture alternative fuels, which reduces emissions compared to landfilling the same quantity of waste and producing the same quantity of fuel by refining crude oil.
  • Facilities can be built in 24 months after permits are received.

Economic Benefits

  • IWT offers to privately finance facilities. There is no government investment or financial risk
  • Approximately one million man-hours of constructions jobs are created during the construction of each facility
  • Well paying operation and maintenance jobs are created for the life of each facility
  • Significant investment is made in the surrounding community during
    construction and operation of each facilit

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