A Closed Loop High Temperature Gasification System

Solid waste is received in an enclosed building and placed in a Tipping Pit. This area is ventilated using equipment to contain and remove odors. The waste is transported to a Press using overhead cranes.


The Press compacts the waste into a plug, removing much of the air and evenly distributing moisture in the waste.


The waste plugs are pushed into the Degasification Channel and are moved forward by subsequent plugs.


The plugs are heated by the radiant heat from the High Temperature Chamber. As each component of the waste reaches its vaporization temperature, it is transformed into gas which moves down the Channel toward the High Temperature Chamber.


At the end of the Degasification Channel, a carbon char and inert components of the waste remain and fall into the High Temperature Chamber. Controlled amounts of 95% pure oxygen is added through nozzles and the carbon char is transformed into synthesis gas. The inorganic material becomes molten, reaching temperatures of 2,000° C (3600° F).


As the gases exit the upper section of the High Temperature Chamber at 1200°C (2200°F), they are shock quenched in less than one second to a temperature below 70°C (160°F) to ensure that dioxins and furans do not reform.


The synthesis gas is cleaned to remove sulfur, heavy metals and other impurities and becomes a usable fuel source.


The molten material is shock cooled at the end of the Homogenizer and becomes sand-like material and metal pellets.


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How It Works 

IWT has identified a proven process that transforms waste into clean energy and commercially useful recycled products with no air emissions or process water discharges.


The Thermoselect technology transforms the energy content of waste from which we can generate multiple sources of clean energy. Other components of the waste become useful recycled products. Nothing remains to be landfilled.


The Thermoselect process does not incorporate incineration technology. By carefully controlling oxygen levels in the process, we assure that no combustion takes place. Utilizing its patented gasification process, the Thermoselect system recycles all types of waste, including MSW, commercial, industrial and medical waste, tires, E-waste and municipal sludges.


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