Utilization of Outputs 

The Thermoselect process generates clean energy and commercially useful products. Take a closer look at the beneficial outputs of this process.


The Thermoselect process produces synthesis gas (syngas) which can be used to:

  • Generate clean electricity
  • Manufacture ethanol, methanol, RFS-2 qualified gasoline and clean diesel
  • Hydrogen to power the future “hydrogen economy”


Recycled Materials

The Thermoselect process produces recycled materials with the following uses:

  • Aggregate Material - used as a substitute for sand in concrete or road construction
  • Metal - used in new metal products
  • Sulfur - used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid
  • Industrial Salts - used in the steel manufacturing process or for winter ice control on roads
  • Zinc Concentrate - used to recover zinc, lead and copper.

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